A simple, intuitive solution to improve patient care

Colowrap makes
colonoscopy safe,
efficient & effective.

ColoWrap delivers adjustable, targeted compression to reduce looping and enhance bowel stability during colonoscopy.

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Reduction in prolonged insertions

Reduce Difficulty


Reduction in manual pressure and repositioning

Increase Detection


Increase in adenoma detection rate (ADR) 1 1. Among females, obese patients, and patients 60 and older

"During the procedures, I didn’t have to apply any external pressure or reposition the patient in either case. I was able to complete the studies as planned without any complications."
Silvo De Melo, MD
"I use the ColoWrap in patients with obesity, prior abdominal surgeries, or a history of difficult colonoscopies. In my experience, the ColoWrap makes many of the procedures easier and aids with completion."
Dr. Jeff Zaidman

Partner, Charlotte Gastroenterology, Charlotte, NC

"Even seasoned endoscopists encounter challenging colonoscopies, and for those cases, I rely on ColoWrap. It really helps."
Dr. Stephen Schutz

Partner, Digestive Health Clinic, Boise, ID

The Challenge

Colonoscopy can be uncomfortable, difficult, and physically-demanding.

  • Looping

    Despite technical advances, sigmoid looping remains a major risk factor for prolonged insertions, incomplete procedures, and patient discomfort.

  • Physician and Staff Injury

    1 in 6 endoscopists will reduce case volume due to overuse injuries; 1 in 4 endoscopy nurses are injured on an annual basis.

The Solution

ColoWrap makes colonoscopies easier, safer, and more effective.

  • Reduced Difficulty

    By preventing looping, ColoWrap reduces the force required to advance the scope and limits the need for staff-applied pressure and patient repositioning.

  • Enhanced Detection

    Use of ColoWrap was shown to significantly enhance the likelihood of adenoma detection in females, obese patients, and patients 60 and older.

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